CNC Machining

We offer the following engineering services to the oil, aerospace, petrochemical, optical and electronic industries

  • > Conventional machining & toolmaking
  • > CNC (Milling and Turning)
  • > Spark/wire erosion
  • > NDT
  • > Inspection Equipment
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CNC Milling
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a method used in modern machining to perform a wide range of associated tasks. The benefit for clients of a machined tool over a manually manufactured part is the accuracy that the machine tool can provide.

At Octagon we utilise up to the minute machining methods to produce milled parts, from prototypes to batch work with flexible lead times and at competitive prices. We have 4 CNC machining centres, 2 of them with 4th axis machining. This department is backed up by pro-engineer and featurecam cadcam systems which support 3D customers` solid models, greatly reducing lead times and costs.

CNC Turning
CNC turning is an economical method for making parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution. CNC turning can be combined with CNC milling and other processes to make more diverse shapes.

The CNC turning at Octagon consists of 2 small turning centres, both with driven tooling and 3 medium sized turning centres. This section utilises the Fapt turning package, ensuring minimum programming times.